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We believe in looking after our little patch of earth we occupy and we chose to use only cans for our wines as they are proven to be the most sustainable, providing you a choice to help reduce your carbon footprint and help make our world more sustainable.


Cans are constantly being reborn!

Cans have already been a can 25 times before you pick them up!

Cans are:

...cheaper to manufacture and use less energy

...quicker to chill and use less energy

...lighter to transport and use less energy

...more convenient, especially where glass can be a problem or when you prefer a glass and not a bottle

...more recyclable

(high proportion of wine glass goes to landfill even if it gets disposed in your recycling bin)


We own our canning line which ensures we can reduce our carbon footprint further but it also allows us to manufacture to the highest possible standard eliminating the need for unnecessary additions like excess sulphur, copper and dimethyldicarbonate

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